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scratch repair



There are three general scratches we see on most vehicles: those not through the paint layer, scratches into the paint layer and scratches through the paint layer.  We approach each scratch type with it's own repair strategy.  Bring your car to us and let us diagnose your damage and prescribe the most appropriate repair plan.

paint touch up 


The safest place for your car is in your garage, and even there it can still be damaged.  Rock chips, scuffs, scratches, door dings happen.  Automotive Alliance has a professional crew that can help restore your paint to as close to it's original condition as possible, all while matching the current shade of your vehicle as close as humanly possible.

Headlight Repair / Reconditioning



Clouded headlights not only detract from your car's value, but can be dangerous to drive with.  Less light from the lens means decreased visability which leads to hazardous driving conditions.  Automotive Alliance will assess the amount of clouding and bring your headlights back to as close to new as possible.  Restoring clarity and allowing you to see more of what is around you.


bumper Repair


Depending on the specific damage to your vehicle, we repair the damaged area, completely repaint and clear coat that area, with the result of effectively bringing back a completely restored bumper finish.  In cases where the damage can not be repaired, we are able to purchase a new aftermarket bumper, paint it and restore it to your vehicle for a complete replacement and recover.

Full Detail

Full detailing can make an older vehicle seem new again, increasing its appeal to potential buyers, or giving you a rejuvenated vehicle that’s fun to drive again.  Interior, exterior and even your engine compartment will look as close as they can to their original look.

interior detail

interior.jpgThe interior is what you look at all the time. It has to be great looking and smell appealing.  All the nooks & crannies where dirt can build up can over time form mold and destroy your interior. Untreated Dashboard can become sun damaged and cracked. No one wants to look at a cracked damaged dash board while driving. Automotive Alliance's interior detailing services can restore any interior to like new condition.

exterior detail

exterior.jpgOur exterior auto detailing service is second to none!  Colorado's extreme weather can be harsh on your vehicle's exterior surfaces: vinyl, chrome, plastic, rubber and painted metals.  At Automotive Alliance we take pride in our work and the outcome speaks for itself!

engine compartment detail

engine.jpgSo why should you have your engine compartment detailed by trained Automotive Alliance techs?
Detect early oil/fluid leaks
Detect early belt wear
Discover cosmetic wear under the hood
Clean engines will run cooler and prevent wear

Pre Lease Return

lease_return_repairs.jpgLeasing a vehicle has many advantages; getting a new vehicle at good price, ability to get another new vehicle without the hassle of selling an old one, and not being hit with depreciation on a big expense.  One concern is returning your vehicle with as little apparent use as possible.  Our team has worked with dealers and rental agencies for years.  Allow us to prep your vehicle before you return it to keep it's value as high as possible.